The History of Cross and Crown Lutheran School
Cross and Crown Lutheran Church first opened its doors to preschoolers in 1972 under the name of, “Little Friends Preschool”. With a well-established emphasis on early childhood development, "Little Friends Preschool" was expanded in 1984 to include kindergarten. In 1986, the name was changed to, “Cross and Crown Lutheran School,” (CCLS), to accommodate the growth of an elementary school when first grade was added. Subsequent grades were added each year until the middle school was completed in 1997. For the next 11 years, CCLS operated as a preschool through the 8th grade.
In 2008, demographic and economic conditions that had been building over the years required that we take a step back, reassess, and restructure. Uncompromisingly committed to Christian education and our community, we went back to our foundations and began to build again.
The 2008-2009 school year opened with a preschool and elementary program through the 1st grade. In the Fall of 2009, 2nd grade was added back to the CCLS family, and a new Toddler program was developed to meet the needs of our families with very young children. Within the next several years, we were fortunate enough to expand to higher grade levels. Beginning in 2010 through 2016, we continued to add a grade each year, and are currently educating up to 6th grade.
Throughout this process of restructuring and rebuilding the school, we have felt God’s hand guiding our efforts. Our preschool is full, our elementary program is steadily growing, and the school staff and finances are stronger than ever. We believe it is God’s will that Cross and Crown Lutheran School continue to serve families in this community who desire a solid Christian education for their children. Our goal is to continue to grow and strengthen the classes we currently have while offering a quality Christian education to our students, and we are moving forward in faith toward that vision.

Cross and Crown Lutheran School is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association and the California Association of Private School Organizations.