Cross & Crown Lutheran School is a member of the California Association of Private Organizations, the Evangelical Lutheran Education Association, and the Council of American Private Education.  We follow the educational framework developed by the State of California.
Religion: We believe that our School is a community of grace; we are all encircled by the unconditional love and grace of God in Jesus Christ.  Our students are taught God's law, but the final word is the Gospel.  Prayer, Bible study, chapel attendance, and participation in service projects are all integral parts of our program.
Language Arts: We offer an integrated program that fosters students' creative, critical, and independent use of written and oral language. Components of this program include literature, phonics, grammar, spelling, handwriting, creative writing, etc.
Mathematics: We follow the standards of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.  Our program is activity-based with a focus on operations, functions, reasoning, patterns, measurement, logic, statistics, and basic drills.
Science: We offer a balanced, activity-based science program where the acquisition of content and skills comes through active participation.  Life, earth, and physical sciences are covered.
Social Sciences: We offer an integrated program which incorporates history, geography, political science, anthropology, sociology, and humanities.  It is our belief that an understanding of the vital connections among the past, present, and future are necessary in developing responsible citizens of tomorrow.
Physical Education: Our Physical Education program incorporates movement, coordination, cooperative activities, team games, and good sportsmanship.
Music: We (will) offer an integrated course of study.  We (will) include vocal development, movement, rhythm, pitch discrimination, symbol recognition, note reading, and performance. (We are currently searching for a teacher.)
Art: Art instruction provides time for students to express themselves through various materials and artistic styles.
Spanish: Spanish classes provide a foundation in daily vocabulary, simple conversation, and reading and writing basic Spanish phrases.
Admission Policies
In February, students new to Cross & Crown Lutheran School are invited to apply for admission into the elementary
school. Students accepted for admission are enrolled by their priority. Those accepted for admission are placed on a waiting list if the class they are registering for is full.  Kindergarten students must be 5 years of age by November 1st of the academic year.
All new students will be placed on academic and conduct probation for their first trimester.  We wish to make it clear that CCLS is not geared to accommodate students who demonstrate severe grade level deficiencies or behavioral problems. Students whose parents fail to disclose educational or behavioral issues may be dismissed from the school.
Currently enrolled students may submit applications beginning February 1, 2024.
CCLC members planning to enroll the family children may submit applications February 8, 2024.
Public Registration opens February 15, 2024.
Class Placement/Grade Retention
Here at Cross and Crown Lutheran School, a great deal of time and energy is spent determining class placement.  A student's placement in any given class is best determined by the child's social, cognitive, emotional, and physical development.   We do not believe in tracking children.  There is no high class or low class.  All classes, whether
straight grade level or combinations, are blended groups.  This type of grouping allows students to interact both socially and intellectually with peers of all ability levels. It is our belief that the best teaching environment is one in which the classroom is a blend of personalities, academic abilities, and leadership styles. This blend allows the teacher to utilize a variety of strengths within the classroom to stimulate peer interest and cooperative learning situation.  In blended classrooms all
students rise to higher expectations and the strengths of everyone can be utilized to strengthen the classroom as a whole.
Decisions of grade retention are made by school staff including, but not limited to the classroom teacher, school administrator, with input from the child's parent(s). Parents will be notified by the end of the second trimester on the progress report if their child is not performing at grade level and is a potential candidate for retention.  At this point a comprehensive educational evaluation may be required.  Careful consideration is given to the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of the
Grading Periods/Progress Reports
The school is on the trimester system.  Grading periods will run September through November, December through February, and March through June.  Report cards are sent out at the end of each trimester.  
CCLS encourages ongoing communication among staff and parents.  Parent/teacher conferences will be held in November towards the end of the first trimester.  Conferences can be held at other times by parental or teacher request. A conference is more meaningful if the teacher has an opportunity to prepare.
School Hours
7:50 a.m.      Students may enter classrooms.
8:00 a.m.      School begins.
2:30 p.m.      School ends.
2:45 p.m.      Students not picked up go to the office and the parents called.
Morning Arrival
For safety and insurance reasons, we ask that no student arrive at School before 7:00 a.m. Unsupervised students arriving at school prior to 7:45 a.m. are to go wait outside the classroom until the teacher is available to let them enter. The only exceptions are students who have made prior arrangements with a teacher. Cross & Crown Lutheran School and Church will accept no liability for students on the grounds who have not reported to the supervised program. Gates are unlocked at 7:45 a.m. by staff. The playground is off limits in the mornings. PARENTAL ATTENTION TO THIS MATTER OF SUPERVISION IS MANDATORY.
After School Dismissal
For student safety, gates to the side parking lot will be closed at 8:30 a.m. and reopened at 2:20 p.m. by a staff member only. Cones are moved by staff to accommodate preschool arrival and pick up times, recess, and P.E. schedules. Parents arriving when the cones are up are to park in a parking space.  Parents are never to move or drive through the cones!  No cars are to be left on the “playground” areas after 8:30 a.m. including cars belonging to parent volunteers, parents
attending parent/teacher meetings, or field trip chaperones.  Parents are not to park along the fire lanes, in handicapped spaces, reserved spaces, block fire gates or block emergency entrances including the coned off playground at any time.  All cars are to be moved out of this area by 2:45 p.m. for daycare use of the playground.
Parents not wishing to be charged a fee must simply ensure that their child does not arrive at
school before 7:45 a.m. This same policy holds true after school.  Students not picked up within 15 minutes of
the end of their school day will go to after-school supervision.
The CCLS office is open from 7:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. mid-August through June.  Office hours during July are limited, the mail
is picked up and phone messages returned. You may contact Debbie McAllister, the school administrator, by email at school@cclsrp.org.
Before and After School Supervised Program
NOTE: AS OF 08/05/2023 Because Before and After School Supervision has not been requested, we do not have before or after school day care at this time. IF YOU NEED THIS SERVICE, PLEASE LET THE OFFICE KNOW and we will put things into place.

Absences, Tardies, and Appointments
Parents and students need to realize the importance of consistent attendance at school, especially regarding punctuality each day. Students who are absent or tardy are held responsible for any work they may have missed. Homework can be picked up from the teacher at 2:30 p.m.
Excessive absences or tardies may result in detention, non-promotion, a reduction in grade because the student was not present at school during a lesson or part of a lesson, or discontinuation of enrollment.   Any student who is absent from school without a valid excuse or who is tardy more than thirty minutes total for any week may be considered truant and thus reported to the County Attendance Officer by the Administrator. 
It is the parents' responsibility to see to it that the student arrives before 8:00 a.m. Persistent tardiness will, at the discretion of the Administrator, result in dismissal from school.  A child is considered tardy if they are not present in the classroom at 8:00 a.m. All tardy students and their parents must report to the office to be signed in and get a tardy slip before they will be admitted to class. If a child is absent from school, you must notify the office before 8:30 a.m. The school accepts no liability for a student's absence.
If a child has been diagnosed as having a contagious disease (e.g., Chicken Pox, Strep, Covid, lice), kindly notify the office so that precautions can be taken, and notifications sent home.  If your child is not well prior to the beginning of the school day, you are requested to keep the child home. Upon returning to school after an absence, a written excuse stating the reason for the child's absence must be presented to the teacher (State of California Education Code). At no time during
the daily session are pupils allowed to leave the school grounds, even during recess or lunch period, except by previous arrangement.  If arrangements have been made and the child is to be picked up, the parent or legal guardian must present himself/herself to the school office (not the classroom) to sign their child out before the child is released.  The child is then signed out and released.  If someone other than the parent or guardian is picking up the child, CCLS needs parental authorization.  Every effort should be made to schedule appointments outside of school hours. A child who re-enters school the same day must sign in at the office.  The school assumes no liability in cases where students leave the premises in violation of the above policy. In the case of a pre-planned absence of beyond two days, students must get a Planned Absence Notice from the office and return it one week before departure.  We strongly discourage vacations while school is in session. Students miss valuable instructional time and have difficulty integrating back into the curriculum. The child is responsible for making up all missed assignments.
Student Records
The Administrator shall take care to preserve both the integrity and the privacy of the required school records.  These records will be retained permanently at the school site. Each student's permanent cumulative record will include:
- directory information
- academic work completed
- grade or level placement
- enrollment data
- standardized test results
- permanent health record
- social and developmental behavior
Access to Student Records
Parents of currently enrolled or former pupils have the right to access records related to their children. School-certified personnel shall have access to student records for legitimate educational interests only. Designated clerical staff shall have access to student records for the purpose of making entries or maintaining records, under supervision of the Administrator. The school will not, without written authorization from parents, release student records.  This authorization shall be in writing, signed and dated by the person giving consent. It must specify the records to be released, the reasons for release, and the names of the parties to whom the records will be released.
The school must comply with a court order to release information concerning a student with or without parental authorization.
Behavior Expectations and Policies
At CCLS, we strive to create a sense of community.  We encourage students to be responsible and respectful to our staff, their peers, and our physical environment.  CCLS students are held accountable for their actions.
General Rules
In addition to individual classroom rules, CCLS students are expected . . .
1.   To be respectful and cooperative to all adults, and to follow directions.
2.   To be respectful of their peers. Name-calling, put downs and physical aggression are not acceptable.
3.   To avoid using vulgar language profanity or inappropriate slang.
4.   To remain on the school property, and to be in their assigned areas during recess and lunch time.
5.   To eat only in designated lunch areas or at the picnic tables.
6.   To be responsible for the protection and preservation of school property and to use
      chairs, tables, etc., in the manner for which they were intended, and to refrain from tampering with safety equipment.
7.   To leave their iPods, video games, virtual pets, cell phones, toys, any electronic devices, etc., at home.
8.   To solve conflict without threats or the use of physical aggression.
9.   Not to possess any weapons, including chains or pocketknives.
10. To follow the dress code.
11. To refrain from riding bikes, skateboards, or skates on campus.
12.To refrain from chewing gum.
Hallway Rules
Always walk in the hallway.
Keep voices down in the hallway.
Bounce balls outside of the fence area only.
Sit when eating at tables or benches.
Pick up your trash.
Use the 5-minute warning for drinks or bathroom time.
Two children allowed in the bathroom at a time.
Stand quietly in line, hands to yourself.
CCLC Hallway
The use of the CCLC hallway is to be limited to preschool students and their parents, CCLS students going to music or chapel. On rainy days CCLS students may use the hallway to go to indoor PE or the library. Please do not use the hallway when dropping off or picking up elementary students or visiting the school during the day. Voices are always to be kept low in the hallway so that the church offices are not disturbed.
Playground and Play Structure Rules
The following rules have been established for all students of CCLS to always follow when on campus. Students who repeatedly break these rules will at the discretion of a yard duty; be restricted from use for a period of time, spend time on the wall during recess, receive a behavior notice or be sent to the office. As playground games evolve new rules may be implemented for the safety of students.
Play Structure Use
Use play equipment appropriately and safely.
The preschool playground and play structure are rated for children six years and under.
The elementary play structure is rated for children over the age of six.
Use only when supervised by an adult.
The play structure is off limits before the start of the school day.
Parent supervision is required at 2:30 dismissal.
Go down the slide only.
One person at a time on the slide, feet first, sitting on your bottom.
No jumping from one area to another (platform to monkey bars).
No climbing on the outside of structure or slide.
No standing on bars.
No climbing to the top of the structure.
No pushing.
Wear appropriate shoes.
The equipment is slippery when wet – use caution.
The equipment is off limits when raining.
Balls should be played with on the grass or blacktop not around the equipment.
Running and chasing games around the equipment is not allowed.
Playground Rules
The basketball hoops are not for hanging on.
Bark and sand stay on the ground.
Games stop when the final bell rings.
Sticks are to be picked when choosing teams.
Games are to be played fairly.
Poor sportsmanship is not allowed.
Students who engage in rough play or physical contact will be removed from the game.
Students may not use inappropriate language at any time.

Students are dismissed from their classrooms at 2:30 p.m. Students are to remain within the fenced area of the playground until their ride arrives.  All students not picked up by 2:45 p.m. will be sent to the office. Students must have parental supervision to play on the play structure and must follow the CCLS playground rules. Students are not to play on the grass or be in the parking lot area after 2:30. The elementary playground is not for children under 5 years of age.
At Cross & Crown Lutheran School, we strive to create a sense of community.  We encourage our students to be responsible and respectful to our staff, students, and our physical environment. When students continue to demonstrate on-going patterns of unacceptable behavior, they are placed on the Discipline Plan.
Step One: The student, teacher, support staff and administrator will meet. The teacher will contact the parents.
                  A Behavior Notice will be signed and returned to the teacher.
Step Two: If unacceptable patterns of behavior continue, parents will be contacted to meet with school staff. Students on                       Step Two may be unable to participate in class field trips.
Step Three: If unacceptable patterns of behavior continue or in serious offenses the parents will be contacted, and the                            student will be suspended for the remainder of the day and the next school day. The parents, teacher and                              administrator will meet to discuss the issue. The student may be unable to participate in class field trips.
Step Four: If behavior patterns continue student will be suspended for 3 full days. The student may not return to school until                    parents have met with the school administrator and staff. The student may be denied participation in all school                        activities.
Step Five: In situations where behavior patterns remain unchanged or extremely serious offenses, student will be suspended pending an expulsion hearing before the school board.
Thirty days of infraction-free behavior, as judged by the Administrator, will result in a reduction of the disciplinary level by one step.
Actions that could cause immediate suspension and immediate placement on Step Three:
1.   Extreme physical or verbal attack, including gestures towards staff or another student
2.   Racial, ethnic, or sexual slurs against another student or teacher
3.   Possession of tobacco, matches, or lighters
4.   Sexual harassment
5.   Stealing
6.   Cheating or plagiarism
7.   Bullying or threats
8.   Student leaving school premises without permission during school hours
9.   Defacing or destruction of school property
10. Direct and deliberate disrespect or defiance of school staff
11. Any serious offense obviously inappropriate for Cross & Crown
12. Extreme inappropriate physical contact of an amorous nature
Reasons for immediate suspension and placement on Step Five:
1.   Possession of guns, knives, ammunition, fireworks, alcohol, or narcotics at school
2.   Deliberately causing physical injury
3.   Robbery or extortion
4.   Any extremely serious offense obviously inappropriate for Cross & Crown
It is our vision that your child will develop the faith, courage, confidence, and skills to thrive in our confusing and complex world, and that most discipline problems be resolved within the classroom.
Grievance Policy
If a student and his/her parent feel aggrieved on account of any policy of the Board, the Administrator, teacher, or staff member, they are to use the following procedure.
1.If the grievance is with a teacher, contact the teacher immediately and discuss the problem. The teacher is expected to         reach mutual understanding with the parent.
2.If parents bring matters directly to the Administrator, the Administrator will encourage the parents to speak directly to the       teacher.
3.The Administrator will make the teacher aware of parent issues if it is warranted.
4.If the parent and teachers cannot reach mutual understanding, parents or teachers may request a joint meeting with the       Administrator.
5.If a joint meeting does not bring mutual understanding, the parent or teacher may contact the Board in writing.
6.Their letter will be reviewed at the next scheduled Board meeting.
7.If letters are of an urgent nature, the Board chair and Administrator may choose to include them on the agenda                        immediately or call a special meeting.
8.After letters are received and reviewed, the Board may:
a. Refer the situation back to the Administrator.
b. Call for a special meeting with the involved parties.
c. Decide on the matter at hand.
9.Following all meetings, the Board will communicate all decisions in writing to the parties of interest involved.
In administrating this policy:
All grievances will be processed as rapidly as possible. All parties concerned will treat the grievance as confidential. This procedure is the sole and only course available to any aggrieved person.
Grievance: Any event or situation that affects the conditions or circumstances of a parent and/or student allegedly caused by misinterpretation or unfair application of established policies or regulations.
Parent and/or student: This term may include a group of parents and/orstudents similarly affected by a grievance.
Party in Interest: The person making the claim and any person who might be required to take action, or against whom action might be taken, to resolve the problem.
Dress Code
We believe that a neat, modest, and well-groomed appearance is conducive to the academic environment we try to create. The cooperation of the students and parents is necessary in maintaining the standards of the school’s dress code.  The following is the uniform selection from Target for Transitional Kindergarten through sixth grade.  We ask that uniform purchases be made from Target stores to keep our appearance looking consistent. However, if another uniform matching that required is found elsewhere that purchase is acceptable.
Shirts: Cherokee brand White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, or CCLS short or long sleeve jersey knit polo.  Unacceptable are blouses, collarless shirts, shirts with logos, graphics, stripes, or multicolored details.  Shirts may be worn tucked or
untucked.  Shirts must be of an appropriate size, properly buttoned and must be long enough to prevent midriff
or undergarments from showing.
Undergarments: Only solid white undershirts may be worn underneath polo shirts and may not stick out below the bottom of the uniform shirt.  Long sleeve undershirts are not permitted.
Pants/Shorts: Navy Blue or Khaki cotton blend uniform code pants.  Pleated creased leg zipper fly, or flat-front creased leg with zipper fly are both acceptable as well as Capri pants.  All pants and shorts must fit securely around the waist.  Baggy or
“sagging” clothing is not acceptable. (Shorts must have sufficient length so that the hem exceeds a student’s hand length from the top of the knee cap.)
Skorts: Cherokee brand Navy Blue, Khaki or Blue Gold Plaid pleated scooter or French Toast brand pleated scooter with
decorative buckles.  Tight or short skorts are not acceptable.  (Skorts must have sufficient length so that the hem exceeds a student’s hand length from the top of the knee cap, but not past the top of the knee.)
Dresses/Jumpers: Cherokee brand Navy Blue tennis dress and French Toast brand Navy Blue or Khaki pleated hem jumpers are acceptable.  White or Light Blue polo shirts must be worn underneath jumpers.  Jumpers must fit securely and not be excessively baggy. Polo shirts are not to be worn underneath dresses.
Sweaters: Girls are to wear navy Blue or White button-down cardigan or CCLS sweatshirt.
Shirts: Boys re to wear Cherokee brand White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, or CCLS short or long sleeve jersey knit polo. Unacceptable are button down shirts, collarless shirts, shirts with logos, graphics, stripes, or multicolored details.  Shirts may be worn tucked or untucked.  Shirts must be of an appropriate size, properly buttoned and must be long enough to prevent midriff or undergarments from showing.
Undergarments: Only solid white undershirts may be worn underneath polo shirts and may not stick out below the bottom of the uniform shirt.  Long sleeve undershirts are not permitted.
Pants/Shorts: Navy Blue or Khaki cotton blend uniform code pants.  Pleated creased leg zipper fly, or flat-front creased leg with zipper fly are both acceptable.  Unacceptable are cargo pants.  All pants and shorts must fit securely around the waist. Baggy or “sagging” clothing is not acceptable.  (Shorts must have sufficient length so that the hem exceeds a student’s hand length from the top of the knee cap.)
Sweaters: Boys may wear navy Blue V-Neck button down, zipper front cardigans or CCLS sweatshirt.  
General Uniform Policy
Socks/Tights: Solid Navy or White socks or tights.  No leggings of any kind are allowed.
Footwear: Shoes must fit snugly so they do not come off during physical exercise. Shoes must buckle, tie, zip, or Velcro close.  Sandals, high heels, open-toed, and platform, boots of any kind, including cowboy boots, UGGS and flip flop shoes are not acceptable and are unsafe footwear.  They are not allowed on “Free Dress Day” either.
Jackets, Coats, Sweaters, and Sweatshirts: These must be solid navy Blue, (any brand or style is fine, however
NO WRITING except Cross and Crown on CCLS sweatshirts).
Earrings: Earrings are to be posts only, and no larger than a dime.
Personal Hygiene: Strange haircuts, obvious make-up, and extreme or unnaturally dyed or bleached out hair is not acceptable.  Proper personal hygienic practices such as bathing routines, hair care, cleanliness of teeth and
fingernails are the responsibility of each student.
Free Dress Day: Clothing needs to be clean, neat, and properly fitting (not skintight or excessively baggy).  All shirts are to have a modest neckline and to be of sufficient length to cover appropriately.  Shirts need to be free of offensive slogans
and pictures.
Shorts/skirts/dresses: These need to be of appropriate length so that the hem exceeds the length of the student’s
fingertips.  No bare midriffs or underwear that shows.  Footwear and sock standards remain the same.
Hats, caps, hoods, beanies, and visors: These may not be worn in the classrooms.  
The following are not allowed:
short shorts or skirts,
saggy pants,
ripped or torn pants,
pajama, pants,
tank or halter tops 

Failure to follow the
Dress Code will result in the student being sent to the office to call home.  The student will then be required to wait in the office until appropriate clothing arrives and the situation is corrected.  Failure to follow the Dress Code a third time will result in the student being sent home for the day.  The school administration reserves the right to make the final decision regarding student compliance to the Dress Code.
Library Policies
CCLS relies on parent volunteers to maintain our library. Because of the cost and time involved to order, process, shelve, and maintain all the books, CCLS has established the policies and agreement as written below:
Classes visit the library on a weekly basis. Students can check out one book at a time to be returned the following week. Books can be renewed if students have not completed them. Books checked out for use with a report are to be returned when the report is due to the teacher. This is the only time that more than one book can be checked out at a time. One book for a report, one book for pleasure.
A book becomes overdue one week from the date of checkout (two weeks for chapter books when requested). A reminder will be given to the student on this date. An overdue notice will be sent when books are overdue for two weeks or more.  
A letter will be sent home after the third overdue notice is given out asking for reimbursement of the book cost. Students will
not be allowed to check out another book until this is taken care of. Each student is responsible for the book that he/she
checks out. Students will be asked to pay for any book damaged or lost while checked out under his/her name. Students will not be allowed to check out another book until this is taken care of.
Music Program
Performance is an important element of our music program. All students are expected to participate in the annual Christmas
program, CCLS School Sunday and the spring program. Other opportunities to
perform may arise throughout the year. Students and parents will be given ample notification of these events.
Forgotten Lunches, Books, Homework, etc.
To protect instructional time and to minimize classroom interruptions, all forgotten items, i.e., lunches, homework, notebooks, clothing, etc., are to be left at the school office, NOT the classroom.  Your child will be notified to pick them up.
Telephone Use
Student use of the school phone is for urgent needs only. Arrangements for social engagements and forgotten lunches are not considered urgent needs.  (The school will make minimal provisions for students who forget their lunch.)  Any student who needs to use the telephone during the school day must have permission from their teacher or the
office.  Students are not to have or use cells phones while at school. Phone calls to the school during class sessions will be screened by the school office.  Only emergency calls will be accepted by the teaching staff.  For other matters calls
will be forwarded to staff voice mail.
Textbook Policy
All student textbooks must be covered.  Students are responsible for maintaining their textbooks in good condition.  If books are damaged, lost, or stolen, they must be paid for in full before report cards are released.
Birthday Celebrations
Birthday celebrations are kept low key. Students may share cupcakes or other food items at snack time or at the end of the day depending on the class schedule. Other celebratory items such as balloons or flowers are to be brought to the office for delivery at 2:25 p.m.
Newsletters and Calendar
Cross & Crown Lutheran School teachers put out monthly newsletters.  These messages are sent home with each student.
CCLS follows a traditional school year calendar which is posted at the end of the school year and is available on the website.
Visitor Policy
. To reduce disruption and to increase the staff’s awareness of who is on campus for security, emergency, and general knowledge the following procedures have been established for visitors. Parents or guardians are to make prior arrangements with the teacher if they wish to spend time in a classroom. Upon arrival, they are to check in at the office and obtain a visitor badge.  They should also sign out when they leave.
·NON-family visitors (such as workmen and vendors) will also be required to sign in at the school office and obtain a badge to wear until they sign out.
·Field trip drivers are to wait outside the classroom until the teacher invites them to enter.